Teachers will be voting this afternoon on the contract that has been tentatively agreed upon.

I am asking all teachers to not allow an evaluation system that depends on testing particularly the MAP test.

As parents, we do not want to see our students’ teachers focusing on the  minutia of test questions when the focus should be on the broader subject and include an opportunity for the student to develop creative and critical thinking skills.

And why particularly the MAP test? Because it is unproven, because Brad Bernatek, former Broad resident and now head of REA, Research, Evaluation and assessment, the department that has been heading the implementation of the MAP test, told several parents in a meeting that I was a part of that the MAP test was not designed as an evaluation tool to assess a teacher’s performance.

I sat across the table from him and looked him straight in the eye while he said that.

I sent an e-mail to him and Jessica DeBarros, the other REA representative who attended the meeting, and a Broad resident, three weeks ago asking them to confirm that was stated by Brad. Neither Jessica nor Brad returned my e-mail.

The use of testing students to evaluate a teacher should not be accepted on any level. Period.

Please do the right thing tonight and vote against high stakes testing and teaching to the test.

It’s not fair to our students.



From the SPS website, this is the description of REA.

“The Department of Education Technology REA is primarily responsible for official student statistics for the Seattle School District. This includes statistics on enrollment, student demographics, evaluation, standardized testing and surveys.”

On a personal note, I’ve been busy on other fronts this week, see: Kids Dream Up Cities in Architecture Class, but should be back on it next week as school begins.