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Testimony Regarding Dr. Goodloe-Johnson’s Performance: No One Can Serve Two Masters

I will be giving this testimony tonight at the Seattle Public Schools’  Board of Directors’ meeting regarding the performance of our school superintendent.

Good evening.

This is regarding the performance evaluation of our superintendent, Dr. Goodloe-Johnson, who is also a board member on the NWEA board of directors as well as the Broad Foundation.

What I have seen over the last two years as a parent in the Seattle school system is a disconnect between the decisions made by the superintendent and what our community needs.

There has been little to no understanding as to how our neighborhoods are growing and how we relate to the communities that we live in. There has been and will continue to be growth in the Central District and the Capitol Hill areas and yet schools were closed last year.

We had a budget deficit of $35 M last year and yet our superintendent hired additional staff while teachers were laid off, most of them Broad residents.

We take pride in our alternative school programs that have no equal in the United States and yet some of those programs have been dismantled rather than supported.

At first glance one would think that the actions of the superintendent don’t make sense, but they actually do. There are two different agendas at play in Seattle. There are the goals of the true stakeholders in our schools, the parents, students, teachers and our neighbors who understand what is needed in terms of education, smaller class sizes, clearly defined and consistent wrap around services, adequate materials and books and a safe and comfortable environment in which to work.

But there is another agenda at work as well.

This is from the Broad Foundation’s annual report for 2009 signed by Eli Broad:

“The election of President Obama and his appointment of Arne Duncan…the U.S. secretary of education, marked the pinnacle of hope for our work in education reform. In many ways, we feel the stars have finally aligned.

With an agenda that echoes our decade of investments—charter schools, performance pay for teachers, accountability, expanded learning time and national standards—the Obama administration is poised to cultivate and bring to fruition the seeds we and other reformers have planted.”

There is a clash of agendas and values between what Eli Broad and Bill Gates think is best for us even though neither has any experience in public school education and what we know will work. Class sizes do matter. No, schools should not be closed, principals fired or half of a teaching staff removed because a school is “Low Performing”. It takes money that can be counted on on a consistent basis, not one time bribes to the top, to ensure that each student receives the education that has been promised. It takes a commitment to those schools, students and families to work through the issues that face some of these children every day. You don’t just close schools. That impacts the lives of everyone in that neighborhood and shows a lack of faith in those families that are impacted the most.

And no, we don’t want our teachers to teach to the test. Performance pay is based on test numbers and if merit pay happens in Seattle, our children will lose out on a well-rounded education and the opportunity to develop their creative and critical thinking skills.

We need someone sitting next to our School Board President who shares our goals and values not someone who was placed in Seattle to carry on the dreams and hopes of a wealthy few. Then the stars will have truly aligned for us in Seattle.


5 comments on “Testimony Regarding Dr. Goodloe-Johnson’s Performance: No One Can Serve Two Masters

  1. Sahila
    July 8, 2010

    I request that this message to the Board be included in the record relating to the Board’s evaluation of Superintendent Maria Goodloe Johnson and to any subsequent decisions made by the Board as to her retention, renewal (if any) of her contract, pay rises and bonuses awarded (if any), AS PER RCW 28A 645.020


    Imagine – each of the 500+ people (school staffs included and other poll voters) who have signed resolutions and voted their lack of confidence in Maria Goodloe Johnson are standing in front of you at the Board meeting tonight giving testimony.

    At three minutes of testimony each, that means you’ll be sitting here for at least 1,500 minutes, or 25 hours, listening to your constituents express their dissatisfaction with the Superintendent, her performance and the effects of that performance on our children and our schools.

    And that’s exactly what each of the signees to the attached Declaration have done. They’ve taken at least 3 minutes of their time to make their wishes known to you – you who have been elected by us (and not hired by the Broad/Gates Foundations et al), to do what we think is best for our children.

    You have a clear duty here – at the very least do not extend the Superintendent’s contract. Better yet, respond in the affirmative to your constituents’ calls to fire her, with cause. With the latest State Audit findings, you have more than enough reason.


    Sahila ChangeBringer

    7 July 2010

    To: Seattle Public Schools Board

    Declaration of No Confidence in Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson

    by the Parents & Community of Seattle Public Schools

    A: Whereas the Superintendent is a member of the board of directors of the Broad Foundation, which lobbies for and financially supports the privatization of public education via charter schools across the nation, and

    B: Whereas the Superintendent’s Strategic Plan was drawn up by McKinsey & Co, known for their nation-wide advocacy for charter schools, and

    C: Whereas the Superintendent’s poor judgment and handling of school closures, resulted in needless disenfranchisement of minority families and the overcrowding of schools, and

    D: Whereas the Superintendent’s poor judgment resulted in the need to open five schools just six months after closing five schools/programs, which mismanagement will cost the District an estimated $48M, rather than saving $3M in closures, with the added subsequent effect of shuffling staff, resources, equipment and children around the District, and

    E: Whereas the Superintendent’s New Student Assignment Plan will result in increased racial and economic segregation, and

    F: Whereas the Superintendent’s New Student Assignment Plan has resulted in the splitting of families, weakening communities and creating unnecessary logistical issues for those families, and

    G: Whereas the Superintendent’s poor management resulted in laying off, then rehiring needed teachers, and

    H: Whereas the Superintendent’s performance management plan relies on MAP testing purchased from the NWEA, of which organization the Superintendent is a board director, and

    I: Whereas the Superintendent’s performance management plan does not address the real needs of struggling students but instead holds teachers and schools accountable for issues beyond their control, and

    J: Whereas the Superintendent’s “inclusion model” for special education and English Language Learning students does not provide sufficient resources to support these student’s needs without reducing class sizes,

    K: Whereas, the Superintendent attempted to lower graduation GPA requirements, and

    L: Whereas the Superintendent was responsible for the ineffective management of grants important for sustaining minority programs, particularly Native American programs, and

    M: Whereas the Superintendent has failed to submit a Certified as Complete and Correct Record for four grassroots-initiated law suits in violation of RCW 28A.645.020, thereby circumventing citizen’s rights to due process in appealing various School Board decisions, and

    N: Whereas, after the District excluded evidence in deciding on high school instruction math materials and the Superior Court then found that decision to be Arbitrary and Capricious, the Superintendent refused to obey a court order requiring the School Board to remake the decision using all the evidence; instead the Superintendent is appealing the Superior Court’s decision, and

    O: Whereas the Superintendent allowed Seattle Public Schools to give out the names of parents and teachers to a public relations firm for a politically-motivated survey carried out by a commercial enterprise, and

    P: Whereas the Superintendent’s District Administration is top heavy in management personnel (especially Broad-linked staff) compared to other similar-sized Districts, yet cuts have come out of classrooms, not management, and

    Q: Whereas the State Auditor has taken the Superintendent to task twice for serious accounting irregularities within the District, and required changes have not been made, and

    R: Whereas the Superintendent attempted to charge a management fee for handling money raised by PTSAs, and

    S: Whereas, despite having an in-house Human Resources Department, the Superintendent hired a Broad Foundation-linked consulting firm to hire principals, which firm then advertised on Craigslist (, and

    T: Whereas, the Superintendent said in her first District interview she would not change any school or program that was working well (, one year later she targeted some of the District’s strongest schools and programs, uprooting, splitting and co-housing Nova, APP, T.T. Minor’s Montessori program, and threatening many of the District’s alternative schools, and

    U: Whereas there is widespread public dissatisfaction with the Superintendent’s leadership (, and

    V: Whereas teaching staff at several Seattle schools are so concerned about the Superintendent’s poor leadership and management record that they have passed resolutions of NO CONFIDENCE in her,

    Be it resolved the parents and community of Seattle Public Schools hereby declare we have NO CONFIDENCE in the leadership of Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson and believe her contract should not be extended.

    June/July 2010


    The Undersigned :

    Name, comment, zip code, community/school affiliations

    381. Nathaniel Hough-Snee 98112

    380. Karin Baer 98102 Center School

    379. line voided

    378. Clifton Jackson 98112 Madrona K-8

    377. Sherry R. Jackson 98112 madrona K8

    376. Glen Mitchell Not guaranteeing youngernsiblings a spot in older sibling’s school is not giving us the “predictability” that was the goal of the new assignment plan. 98105 JSIS

    375. Jim McMahan 98144 School Bus Driver

    374. Vira Salinas The Seattle School District has a long history of implementing and supporting racial and economic segregation. Now is the time to stand up for Student Rights, Human Rights, Minority Rights! 98042 advocate for under represented students

    373. Ivy R. Nightscales Williams corporate values do not belong in our schools 98144 grandmother, concerned person

    372. Teresita Bazan 98144 Bilingual IA

    371. Sharon Langs 98105

    370. Caroline Coates 98105 JSIS

    369. Lisa McFarlane 98146

    368. Karen James 98115

    367. Sharon Zweiback-Lazer 98103

    366. lance If you are going to assign schools they better all be up to par, not just some of them!!!198115

    365. B 98115

    364. Sam Bernstein 98103

    363. lynn bazarnic 98118 tops

    362. Rachel Wilsey 98103

    361. linnea 98103

    360. Shelley Rousseau 98117

    359. Richelle Dickerson 98103 West woodland

    358. Jeanette Lim 98117 whittier

    357. Jean Brumder 98115 Jane Addams

    356. Emily Savoye 98105 JSIS

    355. Ira Woodward 98144

    354. Glory Frodesen Discovery Math is not working! CMP math needs to be replaced! 98117 All students

    353. Eddie Espanol I didn’t like how she told teachers their contract wasn’t going to be renewed during teacher appreciation week. That’s a good way to lose the respect of all your employees. 98118

    352. Jonny Layefsky 98136

    351. Stephen Sestrich I’m signing this petition in response to her promotion of “reform math” which I have found to be baffling, counterintuitive, and needlessly complex. The doctors, engineers, and programmers we’re importing from India didn’t learn math this way I’m sure. 98106

    350. Tim Saye The district needs another John Stanford! 98021 Private music instructor concerned with academics

    349. Hafoc Yates 98109 Nova

    348. Eric Bazarnic Can you say conflict of interest? Sitting on the board that sells M.A.P.!? I think that is and should be a problem for the District. 98118 TOPS

    347. Kristin L. Robinson 98116 Chief Sealth High School

    346. Diana Gardiner We’ve spent over $2000 (and counting) at Kumon for basic math because of the District’s math stance. 98107 Eckstein

    345. Nancy Howard 98103

    344. Samuel A Carpenter 98115 Nathan Hale

    343. La Renda Myres I am upset about the Madrona Principal removal.Also the fact that the superintendent lied and said the K-8 students would have there principal fulltime thru out the year. 98122 Madrona K-8

    342. Armond O’Sullivan 98108

    341. Teresa Holder Arrogant and dismissive of parents and teachers, plus nothing positive to show for her years here. 98117 Whitman Middle School Parent

    340. The SEA members of John Rogers Elementary 98125

    339. Joseph Greif 98105

    338. Dorothy Gibson 98117

    337. N. Dettmar The complete disregard of parents’ legitimate concerns about numerous issues with the district is disturbing in conjunction with no specific, measurable and objective assessment measures. Enough is enough. 98133S PS Parent

    336. Mike Lehner 98109

    335. Meredith Jacobson 98118

    334. Elizabeth Wood 98117

    333. Betsy Hoffmeister I am thoroughly disgusted with the new Superintendant, don’t trust her, and am appalled at the changes forced on my child’s school. 98106 Thurgood Marshall

    332. Jacqui Kramer 98105 Adams Elementary

    331. James Young She is not in touch with our community 98116 West Seattle HS

    330. Milo Minnis She is not in touch with our community 98116 West Seattle HS

    329. Diane Bellisario 98116 The Center School

    328. Davonna Cufley Maria Goodloe-Johnson has cynically decimated south elementary APP to the detriment of general ed kids at Thurgood Marshall. It was a toxic, unsafe situation and I’ve pulled my formally happy kids from the district entirely as a result. 98116 APP

    327. Susan Welch 98105

    326. Sacha Copeland 98126 West Seattle

    325. Christine King 98118

    324. Dr. Wayne Au 98144 University of Washington – Bothell/Rethinking Schools

    323. Maggie Metcalfe Seattle had a jem in the communities that were created within the public schools. That is what has systematically been dismantled, efficiently and effectively and quite deliberately. Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson was just doing her job. That is what she was brought here for, the Alliance for Education, the shadow school board full of Seattle business elite, wanted her to do that job. It started with the abuse and removal of Principal Joe Drake at Marshal high school before she even met him or stepped inside the school. 98115 Nathan Hale, AS#1, Nova, Ingram, Summit K-12

    322. edith szabo 98105

    321. Margaret Chodos-Irvine 98116 Thurgood Marshall

    320. Mary Pat DiLeva 98122

    319. Barbara E. Morey 98125 AS1, Nova, Nathan Hale, Summit K-12, Home School Resource Center, Rainier Beach

    318. Glenn Riddick 98116 Thurgood Marshall

    317. moshe hecht We need a superintendent that believes in a strong public system that teaches our young people to think, not take tests. Any superintendent that supports charter schools needs to leave the public sector immediately and go work for one of the many private schools in the area. 98117 Greenwood

    316. Howard Jensen 98103 TOPS

    315. coach “bankster” not educator – be nice to have someone who puts kids first not money 98119 McClure

    314. Phillip Thompson 98144

    313. Katie Weinmann 98126

    312. Samantha Moscheck 98103 3-year old will soon enter Seattle school system

    311. Steve M. We have left the district for private school. 98136

    310. Sallie R 98105

    309. Cynthia Slate useless math curriculm/retains abusive teachers 98117 Whittier

    308. Casey Holden 98117 SPS Elementary School Parent

    307. M. Moore Seattle deserves better. New assignment plan limits choices for students, parents & community to improve in South Seattle. 98118

    306. Steve Stolder 98103 Parent

    305. Mari Ingram 98199 John Hay Elementary

    304. Chris deMaagd 98125

    303. Julia Kuskin 98117 Adams

    302. Maria Marshall I pulled 2 out of 3 of my children out of public school because I see no positive direction with this Superintendent. I would be willing to enroll my children back in public school if her contract is NOT renewed. 98118 Title 1 Tutor and Hourly at Hawthorne Elementary

    301. Megan Johnson 98103

    300. Joshua Hayes Imperious, with genuine contempt for parents’ views 98133 AS1

    299. Sarah Holt very important issue. Please consider! 8109

    298. Lezlie Jane 98136

    297. Jorge Torres 98101 UFCW Local 21

    296. andrew fleet MGJ tried a strategic plan in Charleston , thankfully for them she left and the new Superintendent has much better reviews. Unfortunatley for us supported by the gang of 4 (Carr, Maier, Sundquist and Martin-Morris) she has no obsticles to delivering a ‘race to the bottom’ 98115 Sacajawea

    295. Kathleen Anderson 98115

    294. Vanessa Shaughnessy 98106 Sanislo

    293. Matthew Kocmieroski 98125

    292. Elliot Stoller 98107

    291. B. Alexander MGJ decided to change the school assignments at the worst possible time for people who bought their homes at the height of the real estate bubble. When we bought our home in 2005 we believed our new born son would be able to attend a number of schools in the district. We are stuck now unable to sell our home without a short sale and given the worst elementary school in the district to send him to. Thanks alot MGJ! 98126 West Seattle Elementary

    290. Christa Woodward 98105 JSIS, Special Ed (Vision Services)

    289. Mark A. Woodward 98105 John Stanford International School

    288. Christopher Pirich Very poor handling of Student Assignment Plan 98103 John Stanford International School / Wallingford

    287. Alison Parsons 98105 JSIS

    286. Cathy Pirich The NSAP is not in the best interest of schools or families as it has overcrowded many schools with poor boundaries and split many families between two schools! We need a superintendent that listens to the needs of the community and works in the best interest of students. 98103

    285. Linda Jansen 98115

    284. Michelle Richmond 98117 Whittier Elementary

    283. Ben Grossblatt 98144

    282. Aaron Hartwell Those who represent for-profit education have no place running Seattle PUBLIC Schools 98122 Capitol Hill

    281. James M. Essad 98177

    280. Janis White 98122

    279. Kate Martin 98117 Roosevelt

    278. Maureen Germani 98103

    277. Adrian Wilkinson If a major corporation were run like Seattle Public Schools, every last employee would be fired, especially its CEO 98106 Cooper Elementary

    276. Allison Fenzl 98118

    275. Patrick King 98118 Graham Hill ES parent

    274. Erin Krawiec 98199 Blaine

    273. Brianne L Carden The lack of resources given to back programming is unreasonable and irresponsible. 98125

    272. Jennifer Blue 98199

    271. Ann Gateley 98177 Salmon Bay School Staff

    270. maryellen cardella this is absolutely necessary–despite the Seattle Times/Alliance puff piece defense in today’s paper 98102 Wells School@UW

    269. Lilia Elena Goldsmith 9898117 Northgate and North Beach Elementary

    268. Stanley Brooks We need a superintendent that supports our schools, not someone actively working to destroy them!!! 98115-5115 KCLS employee

    267. Sasha Anderson 98046 Muir Elementary

    266. Todd Morris 98144

    265. suzi morris 98144 mcgilvra

    264. Mark Hagemann Her actions and affiliations evidence her allegience to the public sector to the detriment of the public sphere. 98102

    263. Virginia L. Croyle 98101 Seattle Public Schools

    262. Mary Kenny 98106 Arbor Hts Elem, Center School

    261. Jennifer Niemann 98103

    260. Jill Christensen 98112 Teacher

    259. Leah Hoffman 98125

    258. Willem scholten Complete mis management of qa elementary school. Opening and principal hiring peocess 98119 Coe school

    257. Alisha Winger 98106 SPED Teacher

    256. Jessica Jensen 98103 TOPS K-8

    255. Doreen Bomar 98199

    254. Amanda Punsalan 98199

    253. Brian Orvik 98106

    252. Brenda Higa 98115

    251. Chris Mullen 98107

    250. Nicole Cady My special needs son has recieved a better education in the Kitsap District than the SEattle District. 98043 Bremerton- Cougar Valley

    249. Karin Engstrom It is the manner with which. Ms Goodloe-Johnson’s actions do not engender confidence or commitment toward a healthy, well rounded education for our students. 98126 retired Career & College Specialist

    248. darlene vonlehman 98199

    247. Sherry Jaqua 98117

    246. Pam Martorano Very unhappy with her performance overall. 98109 John Hay/Catharine Blaine K-8

    245. Catherine Carpenter 98122 Thurgood Marshall

    244. Janet Munger 98122

    243. Kathleen Smith Unethical non-disclosure of NWEA board position, poor fiscal management, repeated and disturbing State Audit Reports, Loss Title I funds, more RIFs on the way, decrease classroom resources while hiring Broad residents, high central administration costs, sending my kids to Kumon to assure math basics and I don’t support privitazation of public education. I respectfully ask that she be fired. 98117 Whitman

    242. Sharon Dennehy 98122 Stevens

    241. Ellen Markman 98122

    240. David N WHite 98122

    239. A Baker Superintendent G-J’s treatment of the Special Education, Bilingual, and Native American populations is disgraceful. Her implementation of the new SAP without first considering demographics and improving the failing schools creates inequality and segregation and will expose us to costly lawsuits 98103 EEU supporter

    238. Kelley Dwyer McLaughlin 98119 Coe

    237. Nova Frank 98199 Blaine

    236. K Guite 98109

    235. jill gallagher no confidence 98109

    234. Jerry Hoffmeister 98106 Thurgood Marshall

    233. D Steinberg 98144 multiple

    232. Hilary Sallee I am angry that I cannot use the public school system, and have to pay for private school. My family will leave the Seattle area as soon as we are able and move to a district where our children can attend public school. I am paying for the schools through my property taxes, and paying again for private school. That is a tragedy for Seattle and Maria Goodloe-Johnson was the nail in the coffin. How did this happen?? Everyone should be fired and we should start fresh with bright people with experience running great districts. This is very sad for Seattle and Washington. 98199

    231. Julie Berard Concerned at the state of public schools and not listening to community with requests queen anne elementary perfect example 98199

    230. Susan Sallee 98199

    229. David Gomez 98199 Lawton Elementary

    228. Jodi Cohen no confidence 98109 John Hay

    227. Victor C Van Hee 98102 Lowell Elementary

    226. Mica Dibuz 98118 Hawthorne Elementary

    225. Joy Anderson Let’s not forget Steve Sundquist and Pathfinder’s rape and assault of the Delridge Community, stealing Cooper School, Delridge’s neigborhood school, from mostly low income and children of color, bussing them to six different schools, splitting siblings- a big illegal mess. We are still fighting and will NEVER forgive the hubris of this District, nor its discriminatory, hasty, illegal and immoral actions. That particular closure has destoyed many of the lives of these children, probably for years to come. It completely devastated my daughter, and she is now a completely different child, and NOT for the better. Thank you, Seattle Public Schools! 98106 Cooper to Lafayette to Who Knows Where

    224. Jennifer Allen-Van Hee 98102 Mercer MS & soon Lowell Elementary

    223. Sue Peters Supt. Goodloe-Johnson’s “Strategic Plan” has been a costly failure. It has not led to any kind of “excellence”. Instead, these past three years have been marked by unprecedented turmoil and confusion in the district, poor planning and fiscal mismanagement, diminished quality in our schools, and a blatant disregard for the volition of the community. Her contract should not be extended. Seattle Seattle Education 2010, & two children in SPS

    222. Jennifer Smead I have such low confidence in the Superintendent and the district that I am excited and relieved to leave it. 98105 Bryant

    221. Mary Breuner 98118

    220. Melanie Jean Escalante 98117 Homeschool Resource Center

    219. Gerald M. Howe 98102

    218. Gail Longo 98117 Montessori Lab School

    217. Scott Cachopo 98087

    216. R Counter MGJ is the darling of the charter school movement. These folks think our taxes should pay for charter schools, that have been found to exclude the disabled; have no better results than public schools; can avoid scrutiny (see attached story); and divert education money into the hands of investors looking for tax-free “charitable” investments. Charter management organizations are the new “credit default swaps” of the decade. 98146 Arbor Heights, Denny, Sealth

    215. Virginia As a parent of a child with an IEP (special education), I have been dismayed at G-J’s handling of special education in our district. Among many other things. Staff morale seems at an all-time low. 98102

    214. Susan O’Leary 98199

    213. Marilu Myers The Superintendent deserves to be terminated for cause. She has overseen the dismantling of a legally compliant special education program (Inclusion) and replaced it with…nothing. The district is now exposed to countless lawsuits filed by families of disabled children. And the district deserves to lose those lawsuits for failing to provide a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment; for failing to offer a continuum of placements dependent on a child’s specific needs; for all-around #^\%*!ing up a program that was a model for other districts. The Board is guilty for doing nothing about it. 98126 Roxhill, Lafayette, Special Education, EEU, Madison

    212. Lois Gaylord 98125

    211. Debbie Jones 98117 Whittier Elementary

    210. Angela Carrion 98118 Orca/Cleveland High School

    209. Ruth Mann MG-J must go before more damage is done by her!!! 98107 EEU

    208. chris doerr 98122 montlake elementary

    207. Kelli 98144

    206. Brooke Greiner 98103 Roosevelt High School

    205. Loren Hendrickson She does not value an educational model which benefits all of our children, a sharp contrast to John Stanford. 98117 Ballard HS

    204. Canaan Caesar Parent of a Summit student. Not amused. We had a good thing going there 98105 Summit k12

    203. Melissa Westbrook 98115 Save Seattle Schools blog

    202. Mary Park 98103 Daniel Bagley

    201. Sabia Becerra Whereas the Superintendent refused to meet with the parent group at Summit K-12 prior to a final decision being made to close the program rather than find it a new home, as had been previously promised, and whereas the Superintendent supported the closing of Alternative schools prior to any evaluation of them taking place in an effort to maintain access to the Alternative options desired by the parents, students, and staff, and whereas the Superintendent promotes censorship of art in the school rather than promoting learning about what the art contains (note: a mural of MLK, Ghandi, John Lennon, and Che Gueverra, on the wall of the lunchroom in what is now Jane Addams K-8 was half-painted out in response to parents stating they didn’t like Che and John being included where the kids could see them rather than making it a learning opportunity). 98105

    200. Predrag Radmanovic MG-J must go – she is not a leader. You wouldn’t be able to find 5 (involved) parents that support her. She is a disaster to our school district. Our neighboring districts laugh at the state of our system. We love our city but you are forcing us to reconsider if we should be moving out – MG-J needs to get out of here before any of us! 98103 EEU and Daniel Bagley

    199. Aleksandra Radmanovic NO CONFIDENCE! MG-J has done too much damage to our school system that our community has NO CONFIDENCE IN THE SCHOOL DISTRICT. It will take years to undo the damage that MG-J has created. She is disrespectful to parents and to our children (just watch her in meetings, she is glued to her blackberry and is not engaged at all – she doesn’t care and she is definitely missing a sensitivity chip!!!). She has damaged our Spec. Ed to the point where we as parents feel desperate. Our kids have no options – if they are not ‘highly functional’, they are pushed into self-contained classrooms. ALL kids should be included – it should never depend on “how well they can fit in”. I sincerely hope you will not extend the contract to MG-J. 98103 EEU and Daniel Bagley

    198. April Howard 98108

    197. Nicole Williamson 98125

    196. Jerri Sones 98118

    195. Chris Howard And next the School Board apparently wants to stop transportation for children attending all city draw schools such as Salmon Bay forcing parents such as myself living in the South End to drive their children to school. 98108 Salmon Bay K-8 & Franklin High

    194. Kate O’Leary Changes to special education under MGJ’s leadership will lead to more children in self-contained classrooms NOT in appropriate least-restrictive envronments. Shame on Seattle for putting up with this blatant civil rights issue — we seem to believe in “separate but equal” – is this really 2010!! 98103 Daniel Bagley Elementary

    193. Yi Cao 98115

    192. Amber 98136

    191. Kristin Winkel 98116 Thurgood Marshall

    190. Alan Goodin I’ve been employed by the district since 1977 and I am a product of SSD#1. MG-J is by far the worst superintendent that our district has ever had. There are countless failings, misdirections and disrespectful actions taken by this woman. Please wake up and fire this poor excuse for a leader. She amounts to little more than a glorified bean counter. The Seattle School Board was lazy when they settled for their third choice of candidates for the position. They should have re-opened the hiring process. 98116 Ingraham High School, West Seattle home address, Children graduates from Alternative School #1, NOVA, New Options Milldle School (NOMS) and Ingraham High School (his)

    189. Keiko Rodriguez Please do not extend the contract. 98103 JSIS

    188. Nicole Schmidt see letter J regarding special ed/ ICS program change 98199

    187. jennifer Migliore 98115

    186. Marie A. Casey-Burke She has instituited changes without consulting parents at all. 98177 North Beach

    185. Christina Abgarian 98126 EEU and Alki elementary

    184. Christina Damas 98108 Experimenta Education Unit

    183. John l Delport Why was the special education position of director not more aggressively done? Given the harvard civil rights findings we need some one who has experience in urban settings at a top level not a principle from with in the system 98112 Capital Hill

    182. heather slack 98103

    181. Mark Miller 98122

    180. Cara P I am particularly disheartened by the way special education changes have been handled, as well as the lack of initiative taken to protect underserved kids in the district. 98122

    179. Terri Chudzik Seattle’s record on special education is poor. We MUST find ways to ensure all children have an opportunity to be included in regular classrooms. Too many kids are sent to self-contained when a more inclusive classroom would better serve their needs. 98103 EEU

    178. RACHEL NASH 98133 North Beach

    177. Peggy Gudgell 98117 North Beach elementary

    176. Marissa Essad 98177 Broadview-Thomson K-8

    175. Susan Larson 98199 Blain/Lawton/Whitman/McClure

    174. Sara Eizen 98115

    173. Bruce Eckfeldt 98103

    172. Shannon McGee transferring my son out of district I am so disgusted by the change in the help given for his Special Ed services and the bullying that is not properly handled 98125 Eckstein

    171. Nicholas MacDowell 98102

    170. Alisa Harvey 98133

    169. William J. Smith 98103 West Woodland Elementary School

    168. Eloisa R. Cardona I am a parent and I am not too pleased with how the District is being run. 98108

    167. Rogelio Rigor 98108

    166. Josh Wozniak She has no concept of the importance and value of stable schools. Her reorg last year is a disaster. She really screwed over the kids. And I’m sure it looked great on a spreadsheet. 98117

    165. Sengchanh Lisa Boryboun 98198 Ida B. Wells School @ UW/MCHS

    164. Karrie Sanderson Why open a school to alleviate crowding and not listen to the community as to what they will move to the new school for??? 98109 Coe Elementary

    163. Alison Winfield 98109 EEU

    162. Richard Katz 98115

    161. sheldon cowen 98102

    160. lisa cowen 98102

    159. Dennis Calvin 98122 Ingraham High School

    158. Frank Sanborn 98103

    157. Maura Dunn 98105 Experimental Education Unit

    156. Rosslyn Shea 98146 Arbor Heights Elementary

    155. Miriam Miller 98122 Franklin

    154. Carl Fossek 98133

    153. holly homan I have seen the catastrophic results of inclusion w/out support. Too many spec ed and ELL students are floundering as a result 98133

    152. Ethan Boyles 98368

    151. Paul Franklin-Bihary I, too, think that our district would be better served with someone that actually cared about our teachers and students. 98133 IHS

    150. Lonnie Lopez 98122

    149. Jesse Hagopian 98144

    148. BJ Lock Special Ed Student Parent 98122S Student not being served currently

    147. Pam Johnson 98116 Kids in Seattle public schools

    146. Connie Means 98168

    145. Elizabeth Chappelle I have a 20 yr old son who is almost illiterate thanks to figure heads like Goodloe-Johnson 98103

    144. Jonathan Olver 98103

    143. David J Overman 98125 AS#1

    142. Andrea Liddane 98133

    141. Art Grauer 98133

    140. Brendan Gramer NO CONFIDENCE! 98103

    139. Patrick Scheible 98115 Jane Addams

    138. Kris Aamot It doesn’t have to be like this, there are so many parents willing to help and contribute!! 98116 West Seattle neighborhood

    137. Eva E. Hidalgo 98116

    136. Ed Munoz Can we get someone who is an educator and effective manager (and screws up less often)? 98146 Arbor Heights

    135. Joan Jaffee 98117 HIMS and Garfield

    134. Jordan Singer 98117 Whittier

    133. Robert Baker 98126

    132. Lisa Ellis Build Schools of excellence for all not “parity”. Let successful programs expand for student success. Parity road is road to dummy down, not for my student. 98105 Roosevelt

    131. Mary E McArthur 98103

    130. Jane Oberlander 98115

    129. Dana Varon The school closure process was the most devisive, hurtful, and poorly thoughtout process I have ever witnessed. And all of us are still affected by it in many ways. 98146 Arbor Heights Elementary

    128. Jeanne Thompson We need a leader who cares for our students, families, teachers and staff. The district can do better and our children deserve better. 98144 Thurgood Marshall Elementary

    127. Melissa Mansker 98108 Franklin High School

    126. David Lieberworth This may be the worst, most destructive and devisive superintendent we’ve had. We need her replaced before her current contract runs out or there will be little left to save 98103 Lowell and Garfield

    125. Adrian Bourne Maria Goodloe-Johnson is putting a narrow political agenda ahead of our kids educational needs. 98108 AS#1

    124. Ed Palao 98146 Lafayette

    123. Julia Strand 98118

    122. Charlie Mas The superintendent has not performed well in any facet of the job or by any reasonable measure. Bad fiscal management, bad labor management, bad policy compliance, bad facilities management, bad academic policy, bad public relations. Worst of all, she doesn’t keep her commitments. 98144 The NOVA Project, Washington

    121. Sue Wozniak 98117 Lowell

    120. Niel Smith 98117

    119. Nancy Morton 98117

    118. Mattie Bess 98122

    117. Julie Ladwig Goodloe-Johnson abused her authority and waisted district resources in an attempt to frame a male WSHS teacher who openly disagreed with her. She lost her case because local Parents stood up to her and her legal team. 98116 Madison Middle School, West Seattle High School

    116. Zella Ozretich 98103 Lowell Elementary, Daniel Bagley Elementary

    115. Marcia Friedman 98126 Washington

    114. Carol Hall 98103 Garfield, Lowell

    113. Jane Mabry-Smith For 2 years we’ve been unable to get my middle schooler into the referenced neighborhood school. 98117 Greenwood elementary and Salmon Bay

    112. Susan Bess Finally MGJ is seen for who she is! 98166 Lafayette Elementary and WSH

    111. Dora Taylor For a litany of reasons, check out: 98122

    110. Lynne Goodrich 98118

    109. Bill Carol She needs to be fired, and jailed. She is a money sucking fraud. And her husband is a real piece of work-she has caused much grief and heartache for the community, teachers, staff and kids! 98117

    108. Seattle Math Teacher1 98117 SPS Teacher

    107. ARNE O. MCMASTERS after 5 generations our family has exited the seattle school system 98178-2536 prior member of the new school movement

    106. Joseph Rockne We need a leader that focuses on classrooms and not boardrooms. Drop Ms. Johnson, drop the NWEA contract. 98117 Whitman

    105. Heather O’Neill The quality of education my daughter will receive next year is below standard, 98108 Dearborn Park

    104. Jerry Hoffmeister 98106 Thurgood Marshall

    103. Nathan Bultman 98106

    102. Nathan Kohagen Dr. Goodloe-Johnson’s decisions have special interest written all over them. 98125 John Rogers Elementary

    101. Valerie Schaeffer Get rid of the New assignement plan that assignes students to schools that are NOT the closest to their home!! 98115 Roosevelt (Nathan Hale with New assignement plan)

    100. Joanne Hughes 98117 Salmon Bay School

    99. Kurt Bruchal Students, teachers, community, funding, etc… negatively impacted 98136 SPS 3rd & 6th Grade Students

    98. Johnny Calcagno 98144

    97. Lara Grauer 98133

    96. Mark Alexander 98125

    95. H Bourget her contract should not be extended 98103 Alternative Public School

    94. MIke Hollenbeck Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?!?! 98136

    93. Jason Dresdow No Confidence. 98109 Queen Anne

    92. Pamela J. Klein-Farrow 98112

    91. Shava Lawson 98108 Parent

    90. Jennifer Hall We need a pro-student, pro-teacher superintendent, minus the corporate ties. 98136

    89. Emily Willoughby 98109

    88. Michael Ernst 98103

    87. Tom Nussbaum 98102

    86. Hannah Fretz 98119

    85. Twiggy Izeppi 98116

    84. ken berry 98106

    83. Miranda Counter Quit trying to replace our public schools with for-profit phony bolognie charter garbage! 98116 Lafayette

    82. Mark Saporito 98103 parent of graduated student/46th Dems

    81. David-Israel Sandler 98105SPS special Education

    80. Janis Bailey 98116

    79. Aimee Chase 98106

    78. Helen W. Read long time parent of SPS students 98122 Nathan Hale & Chief Sealth

    77. Mark Bretl 98146

    76. Janet Ko 98146

    75. Annushka Cesan I support the teachers, not the administration. 98106SPS kindergarten student

    74. Sara DeBell It’s time to listen to the community. 98144

    73. Joan Sias I don’t see how the Directors can support the Superintendent and genuinely feel good about this, unless they favor a privatization agenda. 98115 Lowell, Thornton Creek

    72. Sean Varney 98125

    71. Karen Pearson 98125 John Rogers Elementary

    70. Judson Scott 98105

    69. Luz Villasana 98105

    68. Jason Bishop 98117

    67. Christine Edgar 98125 Parent of Seattle public school student

    66. Anna Miller 98103

    65. Shaun Rose 98103 Daniel Bagley Elementary

    64. Megan McCall 98133 AS#1

    63. Katherine Ropp 98103

    62. Susan Jenkins 98102

    61. Steve Krom 98119

    60. Cailean Kohagen 98125

    59. John Dennis 98136

    58. joanne ringen 98125 JOHN ROGERS

    57. Georgi Krom She has set our math curricula back for the next generation of learners. 98119 Seattle school parent alumni

    56. Caroline Hansen Kleban 98103

    55. D. Schwarz 98106 A non-parent/non-teacher who votes for Schools.

    54. Allison Dennis It is time for MGJ to move on. The sorry state of SPS shows we cannot afford another moment under her direction. 98136 EEU/Gatewood

    53. Emily Baker Her lack of ethics are clearly demonstrated by her continued conflicts of interest. 98126 Parent of SPS 2nd grader

    52. Monica Harris 98125 Lowell Elementary

    51. Liisa Bruchal She needs to move on out of here. These are children, not numbers, that are paying for her decisions. 98136 Thurgood Marshall Elementary

    50. Mary Clayton Time to stop the bitterness from SPS over the SCOTUS loss and fix the mess they made TODAY 98107 Center/Ballard/Ingram

    49. Michael Osgood-Graver 98033

    48. line voided

    47. Karin Youngberg “If we do not act, we shall surely be dragged down the long, dark and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power, without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight.” Dr. M.L.K.jr 98107 Summit K-12- SPED-Garfield-ESL

    46. Ivan Weiss Thank goodness for Running Start! 98070 Nathan Hale HS

    45. Ann Manley 98116 Thurgood Marshall

    44. debra carnegie 98107

    43. Julian Gallegos We have left the district for private school. 98117

    42. Kylene Ushimaru 98106 Chief Sealth International School

    41. Martin Westerman Terminate contract for malfeasance, a criminal charge 9836 Pathfinder / Wash. Mid. School

    40. Deidre Falin 98125 Nathan Hale, Eckstein

    39. Barbara Anderson There is one word to describe the district at this time; CHAOS 98144

    38. Misty Wies 98136 West Seattle High School

    37. Eddie Westerman 98136 Washington Middle School parent

    36. Liana Hansen 98103 Whittier Elementary School

    35. Todd Petersen Time to listen to the community. 98126 Washington Middle School

    34. Alan Moe 98021

    33. Toni Preston 98125 AS1 and the Homeschool Resource Center

    32. suzanne skinner 98136 EEU/ Gatewood

    31. Linh-Co Nguyen 98117 Eckstein

    30. Joyce Greenberg 98178 Emerson

    29. Jennifer St.Cyr 98103 Daniel Bagley, EEU, Greenwood Inclusion Preschool

    28. Lynne Baratto 98103 Daniel Bagley Elem.

    27. Robert Femiano We wanted an educator; we were given a privatizer. 98136 SEA

    26. Laurie Snyder 98115

    25. Doh Driver 98133

    24. Elaine Schmidt 98125 Seattle resident

    23. Kelly Carpenter 98125

    22. Teresa Nemeth 98102 TOPS, Garfield

    21. Jennifer Murray 98116 Schmitz Park; Thurgood Marshall APP

    20. Paul McCormick I would say there is plenty of reasons for termination. 98146 Lafayette

    19. barry Devenney she’s been a nightmare from the very beginning. fire her. 98116 thurgood marshall

    18. Allison Rush It’s time for Goodloe-Johnson to move on. 98117

    17. Edward Munat 98109 Daniel Bagley Elementary

    16. Stacey Devenney 98116 Thurgood Marshall Elementary

    15. Michele Bucy should NEVER have closed Summit k-12 98103 ex Summit Parent Group (JA k8 now)

    14. Denise Janson 98146

    13. Alison Wald 98103 Parent of special ed kindergarten student

    12. Cecilia Palao-Vargas Parents need to TAKE BACK their public schools. MGJ has been a disaster! 98146 Special Education

    11. Jeff Brown 98105 Bryant

    10. Martha McLaren Thank you for giving the public a voice here 98106 Retired teacher, grandparent of elementary student

    9. Andrea Ptak We are one of the families that have left SPS for private school. Everything Dr. G-J does makes us certain we made the right choice. WAPrivate School

    8. Eric Muhs 98117

    7. thushara 98033

    6. Tonia Wells 98106 Pathfinder K-8

    5. Dr. Frank J. DeMarco Seattle deserves MUCH better. 98125 AS#1

    4. Chris Stewart 98115 mulitple

    3. Carmen Mettler 98133

    2. Monica Wilson 98133-8516

    1. Sahila ChangeBringer 98133

  2. Sahila
    July 8, 2010

    Geov Parrish doing the work the Seattle Times ought to be doing, in presenting the truth and nothing but the truth to its readers:

  3. Sahila
    July 8, 2010

    Sable Verity’s commentary on the Seattle School Board…

  4. Sahila
    July 7, 2010

    Text of a message I sent to the Seattle Public School Board last night (6 July 2010)… I will include portions of it in testimony I will be giving tonight, as I deliver copies of the Community Declaration of No Confidence in Maria Goodloe-Johnson…

    “I request that this message to the Board be included in the record relating to the Board’s evaluation of Superintendent Maria Goodloe Johnson and to any subsequent decisions made by the Board as to her retention, renewal (if any) of her contract, pay rises and bonuses awarded (if any), AS PER RCW 28A 645.020

    Board members:

    For your information, here are where things are at with the various no confidence in Dr Goodloe-Johnson votes:

    1: So far, 12 school staffs (independently of the SEA) have voted no confidence in the Superintendent…

    Those schools are: Ballard, Franklin, & West Seattle High Schools, Adams, Schmitz Park, Sanislo, Luarelhurst, Maple, Green Lake & John Rogers (signature #340 community declaration) Elemenatries, Orca K-8 and Ida B Wells.

    2: The SEA has recommended to the Board that they not extend MGJ’s contract; they are waiting till fall to decide on a union-endorsed vote of no confidence.

    3: 78% of people voting on a straw poll conducted by the Queen Anne & Magnolia News Online think MGJ is doing a poor job… See here:

    4: The majority of the 627 respondents to the CPPS survey were critical of MGJ… see here:

    and see here for the comments on the survey from the SSS blog:

    5: 379 people from a good cross section of SPS schools have signed the Community Declaration of No Confidence… see here for their names, zip codes, school affiliations and comments:

    6: And you could also go read the comments people posted to the recent (multiple) Seattle Times editorials praising MGJ’s performance – hardly a kind word about either Lynn Varner’s uninformed, error-filled formulaic writing or about MGJ’s management “skill”… and there was an article by Linda Shaw in the Times yesterday, that also did the “rah, rah, rah for MGJ” chant, and it too drew a lot of negative comment.

    Do you really want to ignore this widespread community dissatisfaction, to shrug it off as nothing major worth worrying about, considering, acting on?

    7: And now we have:
    Schedule of Audit Findings and Responses
    Seattle School District No. 1
    King County
    June 21, 2010

    The latest State Auditors Report of the Seattle Public School District finds the Superintendent and Board (yet again – three years running now) woefully lacking in managing the finances, assets and resources of the District responsibly… in many cases acting on the wrong side of the law…

    see here:

    And the Board wants to extend MGJ’s contract until 2013?

    In any other business, Maria Goodloe Johnson would have been fired for gross incompetence…

    According to a Board member I spoke with a month or so ago, the Board had discussed the possibility of firing MGJ, or buying out her contract at a cost of $750K, but had decided that in these tight budgetary times, that move would be seen as ‘fiscally irresponsible’.

    Well, in any business I consult to, KEEPING such an incompetent employee who has cost the firm so much money ($48M and counting) would be considered fiscally irresponsible…

    There comes a time when one has to cut one’s losses, and now is the time for you, the Board to listen to your constituents and free yourselves and us from the losses that are embodied by MGJ – loss of trust, loss of confidence, loss of competence, financial losses, educational losses, loss of the best possible future for many SPS children and their families…

    Please fire her – we can and must do better for our children…

    Sahila ChangeBringer
    member, Seattle Shadow School Board
    tel: 206 679 1738

  5. Sahila
    July 7, 2010

    Scroll down to the second story on the page, and listen… not long, 6 minutes…

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