Press release:

CORE Officers Michael Brunson (Recording Secretary), Karen Lewis (President), Jesse Sharkey (Vice President), Kristine Mayle (Financial Secretary)

This is a new day!

CORE (Caucus of Rank and File Educators) decisively won the leadership of the Chicago Teachers Union.

The new president of the third largest teachers union local in the US, with 30,000 members, is
Karen Lewis. Karen and the CORE slate swept every position in the election. This is a strategic victory in the battle against the assault on public education and the entire Arne Duncan neoliberal education agenda of privatization, mayoral control, corporate domination of schools, high stakes testing, and evaluating teachers based on students’ test scores.

CORE is an explicitly anti-neoliberal, social justice union and a key
member of the Grassroots Education Movement in Chicago, a coalition of
teachers, parents, students, and community organizations fighting
Renaissance 2010 and for equity and justice in education.

Chicago is the national model for Duncan’s education plan, and CORE’s
victory opens the potential to defeat it on home ground. Obviously this
has national significance. Moreover, the CTU under CORE will be in a
position to influence the national union, the American Federation of
Teachers, and change the landscape of education struggles in the US.  This
is a historic victory. Congratulations to CORE and all their parent,
teacher, education activist, student, community supporters who helped make it happen.

Now the real challenges begin.

Pauline Lipman
Teachers for Social Justice,

Chicago Incoming Teachers Union President Karen Lewis

“We want to put business in its place and out of our schools.”

And her acceptance speech.