First posted on October 13, 2009

I am in the process of moving into our new digs here at WordPress and decided to bring with us some of our old posts for reference. This was our first post at our original website.

As some writers point out in articles that we have posted, when there is not a vacant school building that a charter school can be housed in, some charter schools will take a part of a school building that already houses a school program and move into that space.
In time, some of these charter schools will begin to take over the entire building.

In New York City there is an unfortunate situation that will probably be repeated in other cities where a charter school begins to also take over critical portions of a building such as a library.

I am writing this as a post rather than only listing the articles in the right hand column because of the shocking nature of this particular takeover.

The links to this library takeover are:

New Video: The Renovation and Heartbreaking Dismantling of the John Ericsson Middle School 126 Library to make way for a Charter School Teacher Lounge

Charter school in New York kicks public schools kids out of their school library… Educators Need to Know More about Libraries: The Case of JHS 126